How is Plasan Leading Carbon Fiber Innovation?

Plasan Carbon Composites is leading the charge when it comes to carbon fiber innovation. Plasan owns 30 patents in composite technologies with over 20 patents pending. With autosanding technology and both static and dynamic modeling and simulation capabilities it’s no surprise that Plasan has become the leading provider of carbon composites in North America. Plasan is the first RTM Carbon Fiber supplier for non Class A part (3-6 minute cycle time). With our next generation Pressure Press Tooling, we’ve reduced cycle time from 17 minutes to only 9 minutes.

Why should some parts be made with Carbon Fiber?

Manufacturing your product with carbon fiber means less body weight, which means:

More Payload

Improved Fuel Effeciency

Less Wear on Chassis items, brakes, and more.

Consider Composites…

• Cost effective • Rapid manufacturing
• Predictable performance (CAE) • Scaleable – prototype to production
• Durable • Good competent supply base

Looking to slash production costs Without Sacrificing Quality?

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